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January 2018 – Newsletter



Dear Parents/Carers

Happy New Year. We hope you all had a lovely break. The children seem to have soon got back into the swing of things already.

This term we will be focusing on ‘Letters and Sounds’ for the older children. We will be using lots of games, activities and a book of the week to extend their communication, language and literacy skills.

The role play area has become a grocery shop, giving plenty of opportunities to develop number play, food investigation and to take turns.

Other weekly activities include visits to the ‘Jungle’, ‘Sticky Kids’ music and movement, cooking & baking, ‘Beat Baby’ and lots more.


Little Acorns           

Due to the decreasing numbers of the group we have made the difficult decision to suspend this provision for the foreseeable future. Should enough interest be shown in the future we will reassess our decision. I would like to thank all those who have contributed over the years.



Reverse Advent Calendar – thank you to those who brought in donations for our reverse advent calendar. The items were taken to ‘Maple Creek’ on the Thursday before we broke up, accompanied by some of our older children. The residents were very grateful to receive our gifts, and pleased to see the children, and hear some of our Christmas songs. The spirit of Christmas was definitely spread between old and young!


Xmas Jumper Day – Who knew there were so many styles of Christmas Jumper. The children (and staff) all made a great effort and we raised £29.50 for the ‘Save the Children’ charity. Thank you to all who made donations.


Hamper raffle – We have had a lot of lovely feedback from the winners of the Christmas Hamper raffle. All your random bits and pieces looked fantastic once put together into hampers and we thank you all. As a result we raised £216 for pre-school funds.



Fire Fighters Charity – Our first fundraising event of the New Year is our regular collection in collaboration with the Firefighters Charity. Bags will soon be available in setting for you to fill with unwanted clothes, bedding, bags etc. Once filled please return these either on the afternoon of Tues 6th February or early on Wed 7th Feb, in time for the collection van at 9.15am.


Holiday Club

We have always had good numbers for our holiday club provision, however we were forced to cancel this service in October due to lack of interest. We have decided to ask for feedback to help us go forward with holiday club. As such we have produced a short questionnaire (at the back of this newsletter) which we ask you return to setting by the end of next week in order to allow us time to organise the provision we offer in February.


Term Dates

We make every effort to inform all families of dates when Acorns is not operating – newsletters, on your invoice and on our website – please make sure you read these in order to avoid any confusion.


The dates for this term are as follows:

Half Term – close Friday 9th Feb at 5.30pm

Re-open – Monday 19th Feb at 7.30am

Easter – close Wednesday 28th March at 5.30pm (Thurs is Training Day)

Re-open – Monday 16th April at 7.30am



Collection time – We find that the cloakroom area can become very congested at pick up times. Could we please ask that you collect your child as quickly as possible. If you wish to speak to a member of staff make this known and we can take you to a quieter part of the room. Whilst we do not wish to discourage parents chatting, please could we ask you in the nicest possible way to do this outside the building. Thank you


Thank you for your continuing support. As always if there is anything you wish to discuss please give us a call or speak to your child’s key person.


Kind regards

Val & Team

Holiday Club Questionnaire


Only complete if you intend to use Holiday Club. Please complete and return no later than Friday 19th January. Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate all preferences but we will make a decision based on the majority feedback.



Which days would you use Holiday Club? Please tick all as appropriate




Mon                Tues                Wed                Thurs               Fri




What time would you prefer a session to start? Please tick.




7.30am                       8.00am                       8.30am                       9am



What time would you prefer a session to end? Please tick.




3.30pm                       4.00pm                       4.30pm                       5pm                5.30pm