An Acorns Day

A day at Acorns offers children a mix of child and adult-led activities within a flexible routine.

Breakfast Club

Acorns opens its doors at 7.30am for breakfast club. This is available to any pre-school children plus those older children attending Masham Primary School. After a healthy breakfast the children can take part in different acitivites and games before the older children are taken to school.

To start

We begin our Pre-school day at 9am as staff welcome the children as they arrive. They are encouraged to develop their independence by self-registering, hanging coats and bags on their peg, and washing their hands.

Getting busy

The morning begins with free play as the children choose which areas and which activities they wish to access. During this time cafe style snack is available offering a range of healthy food options; fruit, vegetable, cereals etc.

Mid-morning the children come together for a short focus activity, before going to play in the outdoor area.

Time for lunch

The morning comes to an end with story time and singing, before it’s time for some of our friends to go home. The remaining children are served a nutritious lunch, joined by staff to enjoy their dinner and catch up on the mornings events.

Starting again

The afternoon begins at 12.45pm as we welcome more children to play. The afternoon follows a similar routine as the morning, including a 2nd opportunity to explore the outdoor play area.

To finish

Each day finishes with a different activity; singing, story, music, movement, parachute…… It is then time for your key person to update you on your child’s day as we say goodbye.

After School Club

Some children stay as we move on to After School Club, collecting the older children from school. A quick snack is followed by a selection of different activities and games, including time outdoors. The day ends at 5.30pm.

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